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The pastors and pastoral care team of Lord of Life are concerned with the lives of people. Unfortunately, the pastors are often times the last to know about major events in people’s lives because people forget to tell them. Whenever you need pastoral care…don’t hesitate to call, stop by or leave a note. These are some examples of when you may need pastoral care…
Lord of Life Lutheran Church’s policy for creating a welcoming and safe environment for everyone.
All church members, employees, volunteers, and visitors have the right to pursue their activities free from all forms of discrimination, mistreatment, and/or harassment, which include sexual harassment, exploitation, abuse, and sexual misconduct.
It is in the spirit of creating an open and secure atmosphere for all God’s people that Lord of Life has a long-established policy and set of procedures to effectively carry out this mandate, as well as a committee to provide oversight and assistance.
Mandatory Training Video for anyone working or volunteering at Lord of Life