Advent 2018

Small Dancing Light

Advent is the season of waiting.  The rituals of Advent are reminders that in the midst of winter darkness, new light will dawn.  New light of hope, new light of peace, new light of joy, new light of love – new light of Christ.  Advent walks from Thanksgiving to Christmas.  A light dawns: small, struggling, determined. Advent progressively sharpens focus, revealing that the far-off waving and kicking of the baby’s arms and legs in Bethlehem’s manger are the early dance steps of unconfined redemption. Every hope we have, every promise we hang on to, all anticipation that overcomes anxiety, each one is a small dancing light on the dark horizon.  Always know that something or someone is coming and that the coming will forever change your life as you now know it.  That truth contributes to the importance of these words:  “The Lord is with you…and also with you.”  Amen.
Sundays at 8:20, 9:45 & 11:05am
  • Dec. 16: JOY PROCLAIMS GOOD NEWS Small Dancing Light Cantata (all worship times)
Join us every Wednesday during Advent at 7pm.
Cookies and cocoa to follow.
  • Nov. 28: DAWN
  • Dec. 5: HOPE
  • Dec. 12: JOY
  • Dec. 19: PEACE
All are welcome! Lord of Life Lutheran Church, 3801 S. Panther Creek Drive, The Woodlands TX

Christmas Eve Worship Services Monday, Dec. 24

  • Family Worship 4 pm featuring Children of Lord of Life
  • Jazz Worship 6 pm featuring the Lord of Life Jazz Band
  • Traditional Worship 8 pm featuring Choir & Brass
  • Traditional Worship 11 pm featuring Brass & Soloist
    • Will you or your family be alone on Christmas Eve? Please join the pastors and musicians on Dec. 24 for a potluck dinner at church around 9:15pm. Ham, turkey and meatballs will be provided. Bring your favorite side dish to share! All are welcome.

First Sunday of Christmas

Jazz music at 8:20, 9:45am and 11:05am on Sunday, Dec. 30