Senior Spotlight

Name: Kayla Dixon
What will you be doing this fall: I’m be going to Blinn to study Nursing
What is a special memory from your time at Lord of Life: The mini-mission trip when I was in confirmation, I loved riding in Pastor Jennifer’s car to the food bank.
From Patrick: Kayla has made me a better teacher. Every week in confirmation she would raise her had with a thoughtful and difficult question about the lesson – it made me anticipate what she would ask and how to make sure I was clear. Kayla has always had a curious mind and a playful attitude, and she shows love, compassion, and kindness to all. One of my favorite memories of youth ministry is donating blood with her on a whim at the national youth gathering.
Senior Spotlight
Name: Craig Byrnes
What will you be doing this fall: I will be attending UT Tyler in the fall and majoring in economics.
What is a special memory from your time at Lord of Life: A special memory is painting stairs at my first high school mission trip in Arkansas
From Patrick: Craig’s story in our program is one of growth! I remember him coming to my Sunday school class when he was in seventh grade and just bouncing off the walls with energy and constantly making jokes. He was so much fun (but a little hard to control) and as I got to watch him grow and mature through High School, he kept all that energy and humor and used it to become a huge leader in our program and continues to show all our chaotic and crazy freshmen how to be engaged in Bible study while making some great well timed jokes. Craig has a magnetic personality and I will certainly miss talking movies and laughing with him every Sunday night at youth group.
Senior Spotlight

Name: Andrew Lutz
What will you be doing this fall: I am planning on attending the University of Oklahoma (OU) in the fall and majoring in Sports Management.
What is a special memory from Lord of Life: A special memory I have is when Mrs. Sass took my work group to go get ice cream during the mission trip in Arkansas.
From Patrick: Andrew is such a gifted leader and has always done a great job of setting a positive tone for our program. He works hard and finds ways to be kind to all. I’ve loved watching him show others what it means to be a friend and a young Christian man. God’s Blessings on the next step, Andrew!
Senior Spotlight
Name: Alencio Graham, AKA ‘Al’
What will you be doing this fall: is going to study psychology at Sam Houston through Lone Star this fall. He is also fluent in Spanish and looks forward to study abroad programs in Europe and South America.
From Patrick: One of my favorite memories of Al, is at our Youth Gathering in Houston. We had two Peruvian girls join us for the trip and no leader who spoke Spanish. Al stepped up to the plate and was our translator over the week and he made the girls feel so welcome and included. Al has helped our group get better at addressing tough social issues with honesty and empathy, and has shown us all how to be more vulnerable and compassionate. God’s blessing on the next steps Al!
Senior Spotlight

Name: Emma Lancaster
What will you be doing this fall: I will be attending Texas Tech University to study International Economics and minor in Spanish.
What is a special memory from your time at Lord of Life: As much as the mission trips truly touched my heart and served as wonderful experiences to grow with my brothers and sisters in Christ, I think the most meaningful LOL experience was cleaning up the surrounding neighborhoods after Hurricane Harvey. The cleanup allowed me to leave my social sphere of predominantly kids my age and to work with many other members of the congregation. My group in particular met a family who later baptized their newborn at LOL. It was extremely moving to see how we could change lives in our own back yard and to see how well we all came together and used our strengths to help others.
From Patrick: It’s hard to say goodbye to Emma. She has been a steady and positive presence and leader in our group for the past 6 years. One of my favorite memories of Emma, was after I told our youth group that two girls from Peru would be joining us at the youth gathering, Emma came up to me and asked if she could be their roommate for the trip. She understood that these girls would need a welcoming and loving person to help connect them with our youth group and took it upon herself to be that person. I’ve always been proud that Emma did her best to be that person every Sunday Night at youth group and on every trip. Plus, I’ll never forget dancing on the floor of the NRG Stadium with Emma and our amazing ladies from Peru.
Senior Spotlight
Name: Ben Mills
What will you be doing this fall: Going to Carnegie Mellon studying Chemical Engineering and playing football.
What is a special memory from your time at Lord of Life: My first mission trip to Arkansas.
From Patrick: First of all, is there anything Ben isn’t good at? He’s a three sport athlete, super smart, and he dominates even the silliest of games we play in youth group. And he tops that off, be being an incredibly kind and respectful young man. It’s obvious that he works hard and strives for success in all that he does and that attitude is going to carry him to do amazing things in college and in life. God’s blessing on the next step, Ben.
Senior Spotlight
Name: Hannah Soltmann
What Will you be doing this fall: I’m going to the University of Arkansas and plan on majoring in Psychology.
What is a special memory from your time at Lord of Life:Some of my favorite memories from my time at Lord of Life have been the Senior High Mission trips. In particular, our trip to Washington where we were counselors to special needs adult campers. I could really see God in the growth and joy of the campers! I also grew closer to my friends in the beauty of Washington. I am so thankful for the time I’ve had at our church and this is just one of my many great memories.
From Patrick: Hannah is a youth that is just a joy to be around. She is so incredibly kind to all and I’m so grateful that I got to see it in action from our first mission trip in together where I saw her pray with the homeless population in Houston, to last summer in New Orleans were I saw her love and serve those at the food pantry. Hannah is so great at welcoming in new people into our program and makes everyone around her feel special. God’s Blessings on the next step!
Senior Spotlight

Name: Aaron Soltmann
What Will you be doing this fall: I will be attending the University of Arkansas at Little Rock where I will continue to run on the Cross Country and Track team while pursuing a degree in the Engineering field of Construction Management.
What is a special memory from your time at Lord of Life: One of my fondest memories at Lord of Life is teaching Sunday School to the younger children. I really enjoyed teaching this age group about Jesus and getting to know them better. It gave me a purpose and made me feel like I was doing God’s work.
From Patrick: Aaron served for two years as an intern in our children’s ministry and helped teach children’s Sunday school. I loved watching him not only love teach, lead, and love kids, but taking greater investment in that program and helping plan VBS and be a part of Katie’s planning team. Aaron is also so fun and hilarious and brings so much laughter to our group when playing games, but takes scripture and his relationship with Jesus very serios and inspires all his peers to do the same.
Senior Spotlight
Name: Aerin Crew
What will you be doing this fall: I am headed to the University of Oregon, Clark Honors College this fall and plan to study Research Psychology and Sociology.
What is a special memory from Lord of Life? I loved the closing worship at the ECLA Youth Gathering in Houston. “It was extremely joyous and sharing that experience with friends was very cool :)”
From Patrick: Aerin came to us as a guest in High School Youth Group, since arriving she has been such a joy to be around. One of my favorite things about Aerin is how she handles herself in Bible Study, she is thoughtful, sincere, and brilliant. She has a knack for finding the right way to express her feelings that is so personal and vulnerable and yet so accessible and understandable to everyone else. God’s Blessing Aerin on the next steps.
Senior Spotlight:
Name: Eli Rose
What will you be doing this fall: Eli will be attending the University of Alabama at Huntsville in the fall to study aerospace engineering.
What is a special memory from Lord of Life: The youth group mission trips are definitely a highlight for Eli from his time at Lord of Life.
From Patrick: One of the many things I love about Eli is how true to himself he is. He’s not afraid to stand out or follow the beat of his own drum in any situation from climbing trees while the group is playing volleyball to shaving his head right before a mission trip. Eli is also the type of youth that anytime I call and ask him to serve or help out, the answer is always yes. He makes it a mission in his life to serve others and finds ways to be helpful to all. There truly isn’t anyone out there like Eli Rose.
Senior Spotlight

Name: Kylie Guttormson
What will you be doing this fall:
I will be attending Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois to study Art, Biology, Music Theory & Japanese.
What is a special memory from your time at Lord of Life:
My best memory of LOL is Patrick’s retelling of her first day at youth group when her dad pushed her into the room and said ‘this is Kylie’ 😄 & also everything about their mission trip to Arkansas.
From Patrick:
Kylie is incredible. She has such a heart for those on the fringes of society and a desire for justice for all. I have loved seeing Kylie grow from being unwillingly pushed into our Sunday school room to speaking in front of our congregation about her experiences on mission trips. She is so funny, and I can’t wait to see how she continues to inspire those around her to be better people.
Senior Spotlight
Name: Zack Walker
What will you be doing this fall: I will attend Texas A&M in the fall to study engineering … I will also join the Corps of Cadets.
What is a special memory from Lord of Life: My favorite memory of Lord of Life was writing and directing and filming the videos for upcoming youth group events.
From Patrick:
Zack is such an amazing youth. He’s so smart with a dry sense of humor. Every time I asked him to help with a youth project, or mentor middle school youth on a mission trip, or make a video the answer was always yes and then he would do an incredible job and give with such a servant’s heart. God’s Blessings on the next step Zack!
Senior Spotlight

Name: Daley Craft
What will you be doing this fall: Daley will attend Baylor in the fall to study engineering and economics
What is a special memory from your time at Lord of Life:
From her mom: My favorite memories from her time at LOL is VBS. She started attending at the age of 5 and each year she loved to get the music CD ahead of time so she could learn all of the songs. She could then learn the hand moves each day at church. She LOVED coming home and singing those songs for us!
From Patrick:
Daley is a Rockstar. She has served our youth ministry program as an intern for two years, led bible studies and devotions for her peers, and helped plan mission trips. She has been such an incredible leader in our program and has gone out of her way to connect with newcomers and help her fellow youth connect with Jesus. Her enthusiasm for youth ministry is unparalleled and she’s been such a joy to have in our program. God’s blessings at Baylor, Daley, but if you want to drop out and come work in youth ministry with me, I wouldn’t mind.
Senior Spotlight:
Name: Jackson Thomas
What will you be doing this fall:I will be going to DePaul University in Chicago. I will be running track and cross-country and plan to study medicine.
What is a special memory from your time at Lord of Life:My favorite memory was the love that was shown to him by the church during confirmations. My second favorite moment was when I got the opportunity to speak about the mission trip to New Orleans to the congregation.
From Patrick:
Last summer I asked Jackson to close our sermon on the mission trip to New Orleans, he did an incredible job of not only wrapping up our trip, but pointing our congregation towards Jesus and the outpouring of God’s love. Jackson is smart, thoughtful young man who consistently seeks ways to make others feel valuable and worthy.


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Director of Teen Life: Patrick Nazaroff  cell 713-302-6974

Confirmation is for 7th and 8th graders, Wednesday Nights during the school year, 7pm at Lord of Life. September through May.
Rewind – Jr. High Sunday School: A chance to look back on a week and reexamine what we learned in Confirmation. 7th & 8th grade youth meet Sunday mornings, 9:50—10:45 am Upstairs in room 24. September Through May.
Senior High Sunday School meets from 9:45-10:45 in Rm 25. September Through May.
Senior High Youth Group Sunday nights. 6:00-8:00 – every week, upstairs Rm 25 (9th – 12th grade) for Games, fellowship, and Bible Study.
We send information out with remind101. This service allows me to send out texts and emails to parents and teens. Signing up is easy and can be done with either a text or email. A text sign up will get you text updates n email signup will get you email updates. For Confirmation and Junior High news: Text @mrnazarof to (469) 208-4554 (Nazaroff has only one f here)
For Sr. High news:Text @mrnazaroff to (469) 208-4554. (Nazaroff has two Fs in this guy) Or send a blank email to
(7th & 8th Grade Confirmation)
Our confirmation ministry is a 2-year instruction of Lutheran beliefs of the faith. When a baby is baptized, parents promise to raise that child in a church community. When that child becomes older, he / she begins this term of instruction.

Teens are taught as a large group and then broken up into small groups with adult faith mentors as leaders. These adults make a 2-year commitment to see their small group through this time of instruction, thereby, creating a meaningful and lasting relationship with each teenager. At the end of the 2-years, the teen takes responsibility for his/her own faith journey and relationship with God through a ceremony called “Affirmation of Baptism.” Our 7th & 8th grade junior high ministry is a mix of learning, serving, and fellowship events. Our regular weekly ministry happens during the school year on Wednesdays from 7:00 – 8:30 pm, as well as during Sunday School. In addition to our weekly ministry, other events such as retreats and summer mission trips are offered.

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Our 9 – 12th grade ministry is also based on Bible studies, servant, and fellowship events. During the school year, we offer opportunities weekly – Sunday morning Sunday School at 9:50am, and Sunday night ministry, from 6:30 – 8 pm. The activity changes week to week as our adult faith mentors provide meaningful opportunities to build relationships with our teens. Friends are always welcome to join us upstairs in the Senior High Room, Rm 25
In addition to Sunday nights, our Senior Higher’s participate in an annual mission trip in the summer, weekend retreats at our regional camp, and other events to promote Christian growth and learning. 
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Our goal as a congregation is a program to maintain contact and connection with our post-high school young adults, communicating primarily by texting and seasoned with opportunities to share a cup of Starbucks coffee. An occasional care package is sent to college students and military personnel. If you have a post-high school young adult, please provide us with their phone number and we will add them to our list.
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  • Kudos to Protestant high schools! Recent research, summarized in Christianity Today, found that “graduates of Protestant high schools out-volunteer peers from Catholic, secular, public, and home schools—all by significant margins” and that “the type of high school people attend influences them more than any other factor—including religion, socioeconomic status, or family type.” The academically-minded can read the full research article from The Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion which studied the volunteer involvement of young adults.